Crossover: Interest rates and rate of inflation

Most believe the feds will continue to increase interest rates at least until crossover occurs.

Today’s Wall Street Journal has graphics showing estimates of inflation. They indicate crossover is likely to occur end of second quarter. Ie July.

But even so, that would leave the rate of inflation well above the 2% target. Perhaps the fed would stop increases and let the trend drift downward.

Meanwhile talking heads are saying recession maybe midyear.


Including the World Bank.

Most novices overseer because they expect instant gratification. How many booms and busts has the Fed engineered?

The Captain

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Sure Captain…

But how many countries have less powerful financial systems and economies because of FED engineering?

That question is never asked when the FED is criticized.

The other question never asked by the critics…would (fill me the name of the questioner, “I”) be a little dirt farmer without the FED?

Oh and amplify that questions for the IRS. Because without the IRS most of us are little dirt farmers.


At least 13 of the last 9 cycles.

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288 in that last three minutes but who is accurately counting?