CrowdSourcing? - Boy are we lucky!

CrowdSourcing? - Boy are we lucky!

First we had Luis (Nervokid) finding a Columbus, Ohio publication with very important news about Upstart’s expansion. There was no formal press release from Upstart about this, although Upstart’s CEO was quoted in the publication. This was a Find!

Then we had WSM, who indicted that he worked for a non-listed SaaS company, and used his knowledge from that employment to completely destroy the recent short attack against LightSpeed. If you haven’t read WSM’s recent end of September summary, you really should.

Followed by Paul (FlixFool), working for a tech company in Boston, and able to bring us his experience of the difficulty in trying to fill tech vacancies and hire great tech people in a tech center like Boston, and seeing that a lot of those great tech people are flocking to Ohio to join Upstart! And Upstart, in OHIO, the “middle of nowhere,” from a high-tech perspective, is consistently able to attract and hire top-tier talent! This speaks volumes in my opinion about their ability to compete with the likes of other high-tech start-ups financially, culturally, etc.

Thanks to all of you who contribute your ideas, findings, and analysis, to make our board special and so useful to us all!