Crowdstrike and Google Cloud partnership

Press release today (paraphrased a little and shortened a lot by me):

CrowdStrike and Google Cloud extend strategic partnership to deliver defense-in-depth protection across hybrid cloud environments

Announced a series of product integrations to deliver joint customers defense-in-depth security, comprehensive visibility and workload protection at scale across hybrid cloud environments. These integrations will enable more seamless sharing of telemetry and data between the two security platforms, helping maintain high levels of security across a customers’ entire cloud or hybrid environment.

Under this expanded partnership, CrowdStrike will tightly integrate its CrowdStrike Falcon platform with Google Cloud’s suite of security products including Chronicle, VirusTotal Enterprise, and Google Cloud Security Command Center (SCC), helping security teams increase visibility of threats across cloud and hybrid deployments, and enabling them to act much more quickly to address them… etc, etc,



Gartner also released their 2021 Endpoint protection platform quadrant:

Crowdstrike is best positioned, highest in “completeness of vision” and second in “ability to execute”, very close to Microsoft. All other competitors are playing in a different league.