CrowdStrike makes an acquisition

From the press release (bolding mine):

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 1, 2021-- CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRWD), a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and workload protection, today announced it has agreed to acquire SecureCircle, a SaaS-based cybersecurity service that extends Zero Trust security to data on the endpoint. With this acquisition, CrowdStrike will extend its industry leading Zero Trust endpoint security device and identity capabilities to include data. The all cash transaction is expected to close during CrowdStrike’s fiscal fourth quarter, subject to customary closing conditions.

CrowdStrike has redefined security for the cloud era by securing the epicenter of enterprise risk - the endpoint. With SecureCircle’s technology, CrowdStrike will modernize data protection and enable customers to enforce Zero Trust at the device level, the identity level, and at the data level. By joining forces and leveraging SecureCircle’s innovative capabilities, CrowdStrike plans to solve a complex problem that vexes all organizations, data protection, with a simple solution - enforcing Zero Trust control at multiple levels, all delivered through CrowdStrike’s lightweight Falcon agent on the endpoint.…

So my question now is: Does CRWD now have zero trust across everything? I didn’t know enough before to know that they didn’t have data. Now they cover data. Is there anything still missing?



No, not through everything. Crowdstrike still doesn’t have a way to continuously evaluate the security posture through the network. Essentially, all the communication happening at the network layer is an important attack prevention. Among our companies, ZScaler leads the pack in Zero Trust on the network layer and Crowdstrike leads on the device layer (which is a big deal). Identity and data are very important, and I want to see how these offerings integrate with other security products on the customer network. As I said before, no vendor has the whole portfolio of zero-trust (yet), but this acquisition definitely puts Crowdstrike on the right path. Strong message to the market. Now we need to understand the slice of the zero-trust market Crowdstrike can take. It’s an exciting moment in technology and 3 of our companies are focused on security and zero-trust: net, crwd, and zs.