CrowdStrike rating by Forester

This is from a CRWD press release today, with some shortening by me. Bolding is mine. This is just another piece of evidence to add to the pile.

"CrowdStrike (CRWD) scores highest of all vendors in Strategy; receives top ranked score in Threat Detection criterion

CrowdStrike, a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint protection, today announced that Forrester Research, named CrowdStrike as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites (ESS), Q3 2019 report. CrowdStrike received the highest ranking of all vendors in the Strategy category and achieved the highest scores possible within 17 of the criteria. According to the report, “CrowdStrike has the most fully featured endpoint security suite with an EDR lineage.”

As today’s security leaders look to integrate threat prevention, detection and response in the increasingly complex threat landscape, it’s critical that solutions extend visibility and offer flexibility in a variety of changing IT environments. As such, Forrester’s research assessed vendors on a weighted scale that ranks capabilities across multiple categories, with a score of “5.0” being the highest. CrowdStrike Falcon received a 5.0 across 13 of the 19 criteria within the Current Offering category.

CrowdStrike received the highest score possible in the following criteria:

Malware prevention
Attack remediation
Detection efficacy
User experience impact
External integrations

CrowdStrike also received the highest score possible in every sub-criteria within the Threat Detection criterion, receiving a 5.0 in:

Malicious behavior protection
Threat hunting
Behavioral analysis
Threat intelligence

Forrester states, “Most EDR tools are increasing their native support for threat prevention technologies but CrowdStrike has managed to outpace the other EDR players and, based on its recent IPO, is now one of the largest overall endpoint security suite vendors. Its cloud-based Falcon platform was one of the first to offer direct technology-sharing partnerships through an open app marketplace, giving buyers the ability to extend endpoint capabilities quickly and directly through the console. This has positioned the company with one of the most active third-party development communities around their endpoint platform.”

Similar to how other cloud giants transformed their industries, such as Salesforce with CRM, CrowdStrike is transforming the security industry with the first Security Cloud, offering the first and only single-agent cloud-native endpoint protection platform that seamlessly delivers a full suite of endpoint security capabilities. Through the use of cloud-scale artificial intelligence (AI), it offers customers unprecedented threat telemetry and provides real-time protection and visibility across all endpoints. To remediate known and unknown threats, CrowdStrike Falcon delivers next-generation AV, endpoint detection and response (EDR), managed threat hunting, IT hygiene, threat intelligence and vulnerability management all via a lightweight agent.

Unlike any other security solution, Falcon provides customers with the power of crowdsourced protection through the CrowdStrike Threat Graph, collecting and analyzing two trillion security related events a week. In addition, earlier this year CrowdStrike launched the CrowdStrike Store — the first unified Security Cloud ecosystem of trusted partners which allows vendors to build their technologies on top of the CrowdStrike intelligent agent, adding value and access to customers.

“Being named a leader in the Forrester Wave for ESS, as well as being ranked highest in the Strategy category clearly demonstrates, in our opinion, that CrowdStrike is leading the market in defining next-generation endpoint security. Legacy and newer security vendors are being disrupted by CrowdStrike because of their inability to make the necessary conversion to the cloud. Only a highly scalable, cloud-native solution such as Falcon can deliver on its promise to stop breaches. We believe this analyst report is yet another third-party validation that CrowdStrike continues to separate itself from the pack with our game-changing cloud-native technology that stops breaches.”


I’m not sure how valuable these types of reports are. On the one hand, yes, we want our companies to be rated highly but on the other, if their products truly are the best, then the numbers will show it.

Revenue Growth will stay strong, Gross Margins will be high, % of revenue spent on sales and marketing should go down over time, and Net expansion rates should be 110% +, etc.

I put a lot of value on these high ratings for Nutanix as well as their extremely high NPS and that didn’t turn out so hot. Nutanix is down 40% since this report from Forrester.

"The Forrester report shows that “Nutanix has maintained its position atop the HCI market with its innovation, R&D investment, strong sales momentum, partnerships, and acquisition of new customers from all segments and geographies.” Acquiring technology vendors like Calm, Minjar and Netsil earlier this year has enabled the company to attract new buyers.

In September, Nutanix announced its largest deal in company history. In August, Nutanix announced its Enterprise Cloud OS Hyperconvergence-based solution was certified for SAP HANA, and closed the acquisition of Frame.

The report further states, “[Nutanix] switched from solely offering an appliance to a solution with a software-only stack for certified hardware platforms, a strategy that has delivered results … . Nutanix has a clear, impressive road map for its product lines.”

Announcing its fourth quarter financial results in August, the company proved its strategy is working, driving 66 percent year-over-year growth software and support billings in Q4, a 49 percent year-over-year increase in Q4 software and support revenue, and achieving 78 percent non-GAAP gross margin in Q4. Nutanix’s fourth quarter and fiscal 2018 financial results can be viewed here."


Some of you may have seen Crowdstrike was specifically mentioned by the president in the transcript of his call with Ukraine that was released today.

Search “crowdstrike server ukraine” under google news and there are loads of new articles titled “what is crowdstrike and why did the president mention them”

It sounds like crowdstrike is actually the firm that investigated the DNC server hack during the last election. Without making this post political, I won’t go into why the president may have referred to them and the server, but it doesn’t seem to have moved the stock price today, as CRWD is slightly down, in line with many other tech companies.………



I am not a buyer of CRWD. In cyber security, leadership is a fleeting beauty as I personally witnessed at FEYE. The endpoint security competitive segment has over 200 vendors worldwide. (FEYE actually has a good offering and is well rated and still struggles). Cloud is nothing special to write home about anymore. It will be very very hard for CRWD to continue their current revenue growth trajectory.


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