CRWD drop is nonsensical

“WFH” and top cyber-security are so poorly related, this seems like the real sale, today.

I understand some of you are already so loaded up on CRWD that “more” might not be your best option, but this is my idea of the no-brainer if you don’t have enough…


Its probably that more remote working is going to be more of a security concern for companies. Aside from that I have noticed there has been a slew of ransomware attacks in the last few months from my google news feed. And those kind of attacks are highly likely to trigger switching vendors to a leader like Crowdstrike. Upon doing a quick google search I found this 2020 list of high profile attacks - while concerning gives me some faith that all cybersecurity businesses are going to have tailwinds rather than headwinds.

Some Ransomware attacks:
June: Columbia College, University of California, Honda
July: Garmin, Dussman Group
August: Konica Minolta, Canon, Carnival
September: Luxottica,
October: Software AG, Barnes & Noble
November: Mattel



Thanks for sharing!!

hope it is not offtopic:
Ransomware Criminals Demand $11 Million From Video Game Giant Capcom…