CRWD: George Kurtz CNBC Interview

George Kurtz, CEO of CrowdStrike, gave a 5 minute interview to CNBC’s Tech Check show at 11:30 AM this morning. This was after his company rang the NASDAQ opening bell to celebrate the company having been founded ten years ago.

Here are my notes from the brief interview.

  1. The company recently released its annual threat report - here is a key findings.
    A. The speed of bad actors is increasing. The report stated that a bad actor will take about 90 minutes to act within a single company and then move on to the next company’s system. In the past that 90 minute time took about 4 hours.

  2. The company launched with one module, IPO’d with 10 modules, and now has 19 modules for customers. One of its most recent modules is Gov Cloud. This product also helps commercial customers.

Kurtz also explained that bad actors offer a service he called Ransomware As A Service. Criminals buy the service to attack a company and the provider charges a fee and then gets 20% of the ransom paid by the effected company

He also said there is a Mule Service allowing bad actors to move money around in secret.

It was a short interview - that is it.

Frank - long CRWD, see profile for all holdings