CRWD + NET and Hokey Pokey Time

Decided to take some of the cash from the sale of all the TBs and added both CRWD and NET back to the portfolio roster with Bench level positions. This restores the roster to 12 positions and I feel better about it - even if there could be some short term pain from these two additions. Longer term its hard to imagine either NET or CRWD being below todays pricing a couple of years from now. Course I never thought Nehru jackets, Hulu Hoops and Pet Rocks would go out of style either. So there’s that to consider.

Well…because… thats why.

Additionally - and largely, because they are both dynamic companies whose stories (and performance results) just keep getting better and better. But…I suppose the main and primary reason I added them both back is I keep looking at their ERs and coming away impressed. Sure NET needs to work on the bottom line and CRWD has lost it’s baby teeth - but neither have topped out nor lost their way. And in fact, they both could stick in the league for a few years yet. Or something like that.

All the Best,