CRWD receives DOD provisional authorization

Announcements just after closing have been well received by after-market traders. The stock is up 7% after hours. I lack expertise to explain the import of the announcements and just how much additional revenue will be generated. Perhaps someone with prior experience with DOD provisional authorizations will chime in.

Crowdstrike announced it has been granted a Provisional Authorization to Operate (P-ATO) at Impact Level 4 (IL-4). This important authorization will enable CrowdStrike to now deploy CrowdStrike’s Falcon® cybersecurity platform to a broad range of Department of Defense (DoD) and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) customers to protect their Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

The company also announced that with IL-4 P-ATO now in hand, it has been working with DISA and its DoD sponsor towards a DoD Impact Level 5 (IL-5) P-ATO.


This authorization marks yet another milestone in CrowdStrike’s ongoing investment and multi-year effort to bring its modern, cybersecurity technology to the public sector – technology that is used by 65 of the Fortune 100 and 15 of the top 20 banks globally to protect against enterprise risk and stop breaches. With IL-4 P-ATO now in hand, CrowdStrike is proud to share that it has been working with DISA and our DoD sponsor towards a DoD Impact Level 5 (IL-5) P-ATO, and is committed to helping secure National Security Systems (NSS).…

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Apologies again. I confused dollar gain with percentage. The correct results for the day is that the stock was up $5.81 or 2.75% during regular hours and nearly $7.00 or 2.80% after hours. After hours volume is significant at 163,000 shares traded. I have a good feeling about this news but since the Authority to Operate is just provisional, I’m not sure how much bottom-line effect it will have.

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It’s worth noting that even before the DoD announcement, Crowdstrike was having a good day because of this announcement on Mandiant’s blog (MNDT) about a strategic partnership with CRWD:….

Since Google is set to acquire Mandiant (, the market (or at least some posts I saw today) saw the partnership news with Crowdstrike as CRWD partnering with Google. As of this writing, CRWD is up 5.81% on the day.

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Hi Magellan Quest,
I’d suspect the largest propellant of their rise after hours was the Investor Meeting they had this afternoon, starting exactly when the market closed. It’s available for replay on their website, and there is an Investor Presentation to go with it. Investor meetings always give a little bump to any company’s stock price, but what will make it hold or not will be the numbers.

PS - Giving breathless percentages of after hours gains, corrected one after another, really doesn’t belong on the board.