CSCO Still Going After ANET

I have no idea either way or whether its all that important, just passing this along for ANET shareholders…On Cisco’s blog today, the company announced ANET was still in violation and that upcoming hearings would decide the matter.

Opening statements for the ITC ‘944 investigation enforcement hearing began this afternoon, and the full evidentiary hearing should be complete tomorrow. In the ITC’s final decision last summer, Arista was found to infringe three Cisco patents, including our SysDB patent. While Arista claims to have redesigned its products to avoid Cisco’s SysDB patent, they declined to present the redesign to the Commission for review. The ITC now will determine in the enforcement proceeding whether Arista’s redesign continues to infringe Cisco’s SysDB patent and, if so, what the penalty should be for the ongoing infringement.

We appreciate the staff attorney’s positions presented in opening statements today, which highlight issues to be considered in the enforcement proceeding. Our goal all along has been to stop Arista from using IP copied from Cisco in its products. We believe that the changes made in Arista’s redesign were insignificant, and that their switches continue to rely on the teaching of Cisco’s patent for the operation of their switches. We intend to present evidence to that effect in the enforcement proceeding.


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Here is an update on the Arista website…

On April 4, 2017, the ITC staff attorney assigned to the enforcement action announced the Office of Unfair Import Investigation’s (“OUII”) position on the merits. OUII serves as a neutral third party representing the interests of the public in ITC investigations. OUII takes the position that Arista’s redesigned products do not infringe the ’537 patent, that Arista has fully complied with the ITC’s orders, and that Arista acted in good faith in doing so. Both parties will participate in a hearing for this matter on April 5, 2017. The ALJ’s initial determination on this matter is expected onJune 20, 2017, and the ITC’s final determination is expected on September 20, 2017.