Current Media on Maidan Coup…
In 2014 Ukraine, great power gamesmanship, righteous anger at a corrupt status quo, and opportunistic far-right extremists toppled the government in the Maidan Revolution. Today’s crisis in Ukraine can’t be understood without understanding Maidan.

Like today’s Russia-NATO tensions more broadly, at the heart of the Maidan protests was the push by some Western governments, especially the United States, to isolate Russia by supporting the integration of peripheral parts of the former Soviet Union into European and Atlantic institutions — and Moscow’s pushback against what it saw as an encroachment on its sphere of influence.

Yanukovych was in a tricky spot. Ukraine relied on cheap gas from Russia, but a plurality of the country — not, crucially, an absolute majority — still wanted European integration. His political career was caught in the same bind: with his party formally allied to Vladimir Putin’s own United Russia party, his pro-Russia base wanted to see closer relations with its neighbor; but the oligarchs who were the real reason he had gotten anywhere near the presidency were financially entangled with the West, and they feared competition to their grip on the country from across the Russian border. All the while, two geopolitical powers in the form of Washington and Moscow hoped to use these cleavages to draw the country into their respective orbits.…
There Is No Wisdom in Pretending That Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis Don’t Exist
The troubling history and dangerous U.S. relationship with the Azov Battalion and other extreme right-wing groups in Ukraine cannot be forgotten.

The reality behind the propaganda is that the West and its Ukrainian allies have opportunistically exploited and empowered the extreme right in Ukraine, first to pull off the 2014 coup and then by redirecting it to fight separatists in Eastern Ukraine. And far from “denazifying” Ukraine, the Russian invasion is likely to further empower Ukrainian and international neo-Nazis, as it attracts fighters from around the world and provides them with weapons, military training and the combat experience that many of them are hungry for.

Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Svoboda Party and its founders Oleh Tyahnybok and Andriy Parubiy played leading roles in the U.S-backed coup in February 2014. Assistant Secretary Nuland and Ambassador Pyatt mentioned Tyahnybok as one of the leaders they were working with on their infamous leaked phone call before the coup, even as they tried to exclude him from an official position in the post-coup government.

As formerly peaceful protests in Kyiv gave way to pitched battles with police and violent, armed marches to try to break through police barricades and reach the Parliament building, Svoboda members and the newly-formed Right Sector militia, led by Dmytro Yarosh, battled police, spearheaded marches and raided a police armory for weapons. By mid-February 2014, these men with guns were the de facto leaders of the Maidan movement.

It would seem the situation in the Ukraine is not as simplistic as it now being currently portray by main stream media.
Yes the coup was driven by Ukrainian disgust of corrupt Yanukovych regime. But the protests were egged on by Western support of Neo Nazi elements was the Ukraine was a tool of realpolitik maneuverings by the Russians & the West…well in reality the USA.
And we must keep in mind that US government policy is driven by US oligarchical elements within the USA:


Well I am surprised this got
past the double speak oligarchs.


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Ukraine has clearly shown it wants independence. Ukraine declared its independence in 1991, and the independence referendum passed with 90% support and 82% turnout. There have been protests (2004 Orange Revolution, 2014 Maidan Revolution), but nothing justifying an all-out war in which nuclear plants and children’s hospitals are being bombed in an effort to terrorize an entire population.

Democracy has succeeded in Ukraine, with the voters clearly choosing the president in fair elections. Poroshenko won the 2014 Ukraine Presidential elections with 55% of the vote, and Zelenskyy won the 2019 Ukraine Presidential election with over 70% of the vote. After his 2019 loss, Poroshenko conceded the results of the election in a speech soon after the polls closed, and tweeted “We succeeded to ensure free, fair, democratic and competitive elections… I will accept the will of Ukrainian people.”


It would seem the situation in the Ukraine is not as simplistic as it now being currently portray by main stream media.

Or maybe it is.

The Russians are not claiming that “neo-Nazis” are in Ukraine. After all, neo-Nazis love Putin. (There was a whole group of them chanting his name in the USA just last week.)

To justify their invasion, Russia is claiming neo-Nazis are committing a genocide of Russian-speakers or native Russians in Ukraine. Not just in the eastern provinces, but the entire country.

I have 4 Russian-Ukrainians living in my house and 8 more in our neighbor’s house (4 of whom were born in Russia) who can tell you that the Russian story is flat-out fabrication.