Current Status With Triple Double Rankings

The term Triple Double occurs when a basketball player has produced points, rebounds and assists in double digits in a single game. While it is not rare, it is extremely hard to achieve and many teams can go an entire season without having a player produce a Triple Double performance.

Currently - as I buck this post out, the portfolio is currently sitting at a +10.25% YTD. Was a bit higher before this mornings sell-off but after the carnage of the last 12 months or so I’ll happily take it. Current Team composition is:

  1. STARTERS - Comprised of a maximum of 70% of the Portfolio.

BILL - Current Franchise Player
SNOW - Former Franchise Player
DDOG - Former Former Franchise Player
NET - Never a Franchise Player
S - Wishes it was a Franchise Player

  1. The Bench - Comprised of a Maximum of 20% of Portfolio

MDB - Candidate for STARTER status and potential POY.

  1. Scout Team

GLBE - Next Report could be a Doozy

Dropped from roster: MELI, DOCN and CRWD

With the rest of today’s trading activity still up in the air - as well as a January final tomorrow - we’ll see if the portfolio results YTD can hold the 10+% line.

Trading Blocks: Added a BILL TB today at 113.13. Started to add TBS to both DDOG and NET but decided to hold off.

Triple Double Scores as of 1/29/23 From Companies I Follow:

Metrics Used: Revenue Growth, Gross Margin, YTD Performance

BILL… 188.95
GTLB. 174.11
S… 173.39
MNDY 160.53
SNOW 149.91
ZS… 148.43
ASAN. 147.58
DDOG 147.13
NET… 146.35
PCOR. 143.42
BRZE… 141.59
MDB… 136.34
ZI… 126.78
CRWD. 126.64

All the Best,