Current Top 10 Timely Stocks

I have just recently joined Stock Advisor. In reviewing the top ten timely stocks, I was shocked to see how much most of the stocks have declined from their highs. Almost all are not even profitable showing no earnings. I have been investing for 30 years and I understand taking a risk. I currently own and have owned for several years AMZN, TSLA, MSFT, AAPL, HD, NFLX, ADBE, GOOG, NVDA, FB. All of these were found by seeing articles etc and watching CNBC’s ticker tape every morning. The companies are making money. Sure I bought some when they do not have earnings but nothing like you current top ten timely stocks. I am hoping you just added many of them because of the sizable pull backs. If not, I bet you have lost customers. But to my question, how do I find out the date you added this stock to the list?

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This is a public discussion board. Stock Advisor has its own private discussion board. Better to post your question there.

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re: swing trading with the use of charts.
re: Pied Pipers

As a successful Swing Trader, I own AAPL, MSFT, AMZN, SPXL. Sold all of FB because they band me for life with an excuse for which I don’t understand. Will never ever own FB.

Any way SA only has a batting average of about 572 %. With AAPL since the “V”, I have between 999 and 1000% batting average. 17 out of 17 successful trades with 0 losses. Been swing trading AAPL for a very long time. If you want to be a millionaire, just trade AAPL. I believe AAPL will be hitting around the 700.00 range.

If I could see the SA stock list, I probably can beat them by a mile.

You do what we swing traders do and you will be a successful trader and never again follow what the Pied Pipers tell you what to do.

One Trader only trades AAPL for a living and nothing else and now a Millionaire. go to time 16:50 for the basic model BUY and to SELL.…

Barchart Setup :

re: AAPL chart - it only takes a few minutes for an informed decision in the morning.

Class - Simon Sez IV - 01

Simon Sez IV

Tool: Daily Heikin Ashi charts with the True Strength Index (TSI) confirmation signal. 14,7,7.

Buy: On the first GREEN Heikin Ashi candle after the last RED candle.

Sell: On the first RED Heikin Ashi candle after the last GREEN candle.

Confirmation is to Buy when the GREEN line crosses up and over the RED line heading North.
Confirmation is to Sell when the GREEN line crosses down over the RED line heading South.…

This is how to set up’s charts.

Try now.

call upon your computer

change the default symbol to:

AA - Now observe many Green bars heading north.

or ETHUSD - Daily or the 4-hour chart.


or CELH - my CASH Cow

Then change the tab to the right of the symbol box to Day.

Next Tab to the right change to the Heikin Ashi chart.

These are Simon Sez IV-type charts.

On the far right is the Watch list. Call up a new chart and right-click on the chart then Add the chart viewed by clicking on the little right arrow then check off the Watchlist box and observe is the list to see if was added.

You have all the information on how the Heikin Ashi charts work.

Now if you knew how to trade via the Tetter Totter Principle technique, it does not matter whether the market goes up or goes down, you will always be in a positive CASH FLOW. eg…SPXL / SPXS, QQQ / PSQ. I have owned SPXL since February 2006 with 50K down. You are welcome to backtest at your leisure. And when you’re done, just say kewl beans.

Something to ponder.

Quillnpenn - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader for over 45 years.
------------ Vision - Multi-Millionaire…Goal - earn 1.3% - 2.5% compounded Daily

How This Investor Keeps Beating The Market

Go to the bottom and watch the video. Then look at the stocks his company owns with just 3 rules Smith uses.

re: Fundsmiths portfolios 17 positions 43 positions 29 positions 29 positions

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Rather than try to judge the performance of an individual stock I have had good returns over a 30 year period with boring old index funds and lately index ETF’s.

No wild rollercoaster rides but just constant returns and in the case of the ETF’s no tax growth when held in a Roth IRA.

Even the Fools will tell you to watch out for fees and tax obligations that can eat up your profits.