Damodaran FANGAM valuation

I came into the analysis holding Microsoft, and I will continue to hold it, though it is mildly over valued. If I still had Apple in my portfolio, I would also hold it, but since I don’t own it now, I have to wait for a price dip, and when it comes, I will buy it. I used to own Facebook, and while I sold it on its name-change, I will be getting back into the stock, at current prices, notwithstanding its muddled story line and near-term troubles, simply because of its cheapness. On Amazon, a stock that I have bought and sold four times over the last twenty years, I am glad to add it back to my portfolio. As for Google, I have never held it, to my regret, and don’t plan to add it on, at the current stock price. Finally, I just don’t like Netflix, even at depressed prices, since I believe that scaling down content costs, key to the company’s future success, has become more difficult, not less, after the entry of Disney into the streaming wars.