Danger of Massive Protests in France

There is a fear that the pension protest will reignite the “yellow Vest” protest.

Commentators have begun to wonder whether the hardening of fronts could herald the return of the Yellow Vests, a grassroots movement that started in 2018 as a protest against rising fuel prices.

It snowballed into the biggest social action against Macron in his first term, the protests often marked by clashes with security forces and damage to property.

“It’s a social law of physics,” said Jean-Marie Pernot, a political scientist specialising in trade unions.

“If you don’t respect any of the channels meant for the expression of dissent, it will find a way to express itself directly,” he told AFP.

Are the French goobers mad as hell and won’t take anymore?

Is Europe [France & Dutch] coming apart? Will this effect the NATO coalition against Russia?

And what about the USA?

Jonathan Haidt spoke to the American Psychological Association in 2016 about the divide within the US. Folks believed we had moved on with the 2020 election. Have we? Personally I believe we are at least at the divide of the “Greatest” generation & baby boomer generation in the late 1960’s & early 1970’s. That divide ended with the end of the Vietnam War. How does this divide end? Have Americans like some of the French & Dutch lost faith in its governing bodies?

Wait one GD minute! How is this macroeconomic? Well a certain president brought us China tariffs that have remained in force and has evolved into an economic war [and may turn into a shooting war] against China. And this economic war in conjunction with the Covid pandemic has brought down supply chains and may end the globalization of the world economy [Zeihan predicts the end of globalization]. And the above has brought a rise in the Global South refusal to join in an anti-Russian-China boycott/war. As the size of the Global South’s economy & population is on the rise. Another economic & political competitor to the USA & its NATO minions. Judging from the past US meddling & interventionist & reign change foreign policy this does not bode well for a peaceful future.

At age 71, I won’t see how this turns out. But I will be stocking up on popcorn so I can munch on it while viewing corporate owned Main Stream Media spins our government talking points. Much more entertaining than anything else on TV or in the movie theater.

The news ran some video of members of the French legislature howling about being bypassed, while the French PM stood on the podium and shouted at them. The legislators did not look very “worn down” to me.

The above verbage was about wearing down the “Yellow Vest” protest opposition.

We did in the 60’s; Vietnam protests went on for what, 5 years? Of course we had a vested interest in, uh, not being killed. Don’t know that you could sustain that long over “$15/hr” or “raise the retirement age” or other economic issues. (Didn’t getting acceptance of unions take a full generation in the early 20th?)

Could end in a year. Could end in two years. But it will probably end after the next election like someone said in above comment.

If the $7.25 min wage states got up to $15 there would be much less of a SS funding crisis. Just one more thing the dolts do not see in the $7.25 states.

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Isn’t that what I said?

1 million French protesters. Violence is on rise.

short 2 minute video showing police cracking heads with truncheons. Protesters throwing rocks & pieces of brick at police.
Old geezers will experience deja vu as they remember 1960’s Vietnam War protests.