Data Point on Valuation: Looker Aquisition

Google Cloud announced yesterday that it was purchasing Looker, a data analytics company (not dissimilar to Alteryx), for $2.6 billion.

Google was already an investor in Looker, so they are certainly familiar with the company.

6 months ago, Looker raised $103M on a $1.6B valuation after it had “just crossed the $100 million revenue run rate”… giving it a 16EV/S rate with a reported 70% revenue growth rate.

So… so months later, let’s assume we stay the course with a 70% annual run rate. That means revenues are at $135M annualized at a $2.6B purchase, giving us a purchase price of 19x EV/S

Guess where Alteryx is currently trading… 18x EV/S… with a 50%ish run rate.

Just a Fool