Databricks is plotting the next big software IPO


Big data analytics and machine learning company Databricks Inc. is planning to make its stock market debut in the first half of next year, according to a report late Friday in Bloomberg.

Unnamed sources with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg that Databricks has already held talks with banks over an initial public offering, though it has not yet hired any underwriters. The report adds that Databricks’ plans could still change.

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What does Databricks do?

DataBricks was founded to provide an alternative to the MapReduce system and provides a just-in-time cloud-based platform for big data processing clients.

DataBricks was created for data scientists, engineers and analysts to help users integrate the fields of data science, engineering and the business behind them across the machine learning lifecycle. This integration helps to ease the processes from data preparation to experimentation and machine learning application deployment.

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The following was a question asked on Reddit:

Do alteryx, dataiku, rapidminer and databricks fundamentally do the same thing?

This was one of the two answers given:

Alteryx, Dataiku, and RapidMiner are general purpose analytics platforms that can handle (to varying degrees) ingestion, ETL, analytics, and dashboarding, similar to SAS Enterprise Miner. Databricks is a general purpose data platform, it is essentially their Delta lake infrastructure where data is stored that uses Spark for transformations, modeling, etc. A key difference is that the first three platforms have a nice graphical UI and you can get by without knowing any code or any of the math/algorithms behind the modeling. In Databricks, you can’t.

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