David Gardner on Buying “Overvalued”

I don’t want this to turn into an OT podcast thread but this is very on topic IMO.

David Gardner and Jim Mueller (TMF1000) discuss how “Overvalued” Netflix, Salesforce, Mercado Libre, Intuitive Surgicla, and The Trade Desk were by traditional metrics when they were originally recommended and how they have performed since.

Most of the companies we discuss are considered to be overvalued as well. Especially in terms of Price to Sales.

Key themes:
1.Innovative companies

2.Mostly Founder-led

3.Mostly subscription software revenue

4.Breaking into and changing markets that had much larger, more established “leaders” that should have crushed them.



Correction. Jim M. is TMFTortoise. My bad. But really I blame the fool for having so many fantastic analysts and writers.


FYI, but not OT, I don’t think.

I’m having lunch with Jim Mueller later this week. Does anyone here have any questions you would like me to ask him? We are good friends and meet up occasionally.

Of course, and this is OT, I do talk my new love with him and that’s investing in real estate.

Fool on,


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Can you ask him how Motley Fool Options is performing since Jeff Fischer left?

How are Jim’s covered calls working out for him? GME, SSD, FIZZ, etc…

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