DDOG CFO Presentation

Good, helpful presentation that’s well worth the 1/2 hour listen, with several high points/nuggets including:

Very frictionless, low pressure/no pressure go to market strategy where DDOG “lands” in a way that the customer can try out their products and purchase what they need at a small scale rather than buying the entire suite of DDOG products. (sjo’s words) This is consistent with previous summary notes I’ve posted from DDOG’s quarterly earnings call.)

Once they begin to “expand,” and go from using mor of the DDOG products/modules they already have and begin purchasing more in the form of additional DDOG products/modules, then DDOG changes from technically adept sales engineers go more adept and more highly trained account managers to help the customer grow their own business and expand to more/better use cases with additional new products/modules. The company has invested significant time, money and resources on these folks who are now selling up the chain to say a CXO-level person as the account expands.

DDOG’s net expansion rate is comprised of
-2/3 expanded use of products/modules the customer already owns
-1/3 newly purchased DDOG products/modules.

CFO is most excited about
-DDOG’s new products
-How DDOG’s growth and performance now and going forward will be complemented by their performance during the pandemic

Wets my appetite for their upcoming Q2 results to see how their TTM revenue growth compares to the dip in revenue growth from Q2 during last year’s initial Covid jolt.

Several other “goodies” in here at the following link:
Datadog, Inc.'s (DDOG) Management Presents at Berenberg Thematic Software Days Conference 2021 (Transcript)




Thanks for the notes. Does anybody know if the update where Datadog was being added directly to the Azure portal for customers to purchase/use directly? I know management mentioned it would go live in 1H of this year, but I have not seen anything about it and we are close to the end of the first half. Should give a nice boost to sales.