DDOG + FSLY = :)

I found it reassuring to know that two of my largest holdings are working together and thought others might here as well.

I know that FSLY hasn’t picked up on this board a whole lot, but between accelerating revenue growth, improving margins, the fact that their most important product hasn’t even reached GA yet, and that EDGE computing is still in it’s infancy (even relative to cloud)…I’ve been continuing to build a position since December.

I was too late to catch this webinar, maybe somebody here saw it? DDOG seems to think FSLY is pretty important.



One thing FSLY may worry me is new CEO and VP sales out of company while they jus got COVID tailwind.


The previous CEO of Fastly is the founder Artur Bergman and he didn’t leave the company he changed his title to Chief Architect Officer in order to concentrate on keeping Fastly’s technology the best in class.

Steve (long FSLY)