DDOG Security Integrations Line

This seekingalpha article gives a thought provoking insight into the possible integrations between DDOG APM services with security and IAM services. Integrations both procedural and technical APIs undoubtedly are an integral part of the DDOG business. Doings these quickly and effectively is essential for turnkey sales and installations. Perhaps someone here has direct experience using DDOG services and can provide more insight into their business model.


“As SecOps and cloud security players watch Datadog attempt to reinvent their secret sauce, they will wait to see how Datadog completes the recipe as it attempts to develop capabilities like threat intelligence, patch management, and threat prevention.”

Security incidents frequently interact and require APM services. Think of SecOps as operational cloud security monitoring and threat assessment processes. SecOps typically will use SIEM/SOAR security services with machine learning that scrape zoobie-millions of logs, alerts, configuration, vulnerability assessments, and artifacts from networked devices. Then identify incidents and open investigation cases. These activities and corrective actions (that resulted from these security cases) maybe facilitated by or integrated with the APM service.

An investor question that I have is how far will DDOG get into the security space versus integration with the established security vendors? Where do they draw the line?