DDOG valuation thought experiment - input welcome

Yeah I was going to use 60 P/S to 60 P/E but then realized it would not serve my point, so I changed it to 30 :rofl:

Your assumptions are reasonable too I think except maybe the 11-12 future P/S.

Using P/S is soooo 2020-2021.

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SaaS Cloud Twitter star Jamin Ball notes some slightly negative trends for DDOG.

Of course, it is all relative…meaning he posits that everyone is facing macro headwinds at moment.

Still - if Saul’s board removed itself from their echo chamber long enough to read these metrics, it wouldn’t have surprised me to see Saul immediately sell.

Because if valuation doesn’t matter, and macro doesn’t matter, and only the trend matters, then DDOG is now trending down. So one should sell, no?



Getting close………………

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