DDOG is up around 11 percent over the last two days. I have not been able to find any company-related news to explain the increase in price. Has anyone heard anything?


Dynatrace (DT) came out with great earnings yesterday morning, and really great info in the earnings call.
DDOG is in the same space and has the same tailwinds as enterprises shift to micro service based architectures and need better visibility into the increasingly complex environment of modern cloud environments. This also bodes well for DDOG’s revenue growth.
Both companies have strong platform offerings with slightly different sweet spots for the landing points, so the use cases a company emphasizes will lead them to pick one of these two over older monitoring vendors.
I believe both of these companies have a long runway ahead.
(long DT and DDOG)


thanks for the clarification Tim. I am curious about the dramatic difference in growth rates between DDOG and DT and the impact on your investment decision. DDOG has about 4 times more growth than DT (on a TTM basis)and DT has a price to sales of approx. 17 with a growth rate of about 17%. Pricey for that kind of growth


Thank you Earl, much appreciated.