dealraker's last morning rant

Iffin’ you are tomorrow focused: Buy Datadog or Bitcoin. Why? Because every single high energy male in the US is obsessed with one…or the other. Loaded, focused, aimed with both hands, one on the trigger and ready to shoot…the entire magazine.

Iffin’ you are six month focused: Buy an energy index. Spring’s coming, husband’s bound-and-determined not to miss that damn house so he’s convinced the wife to pay 150% of the list price. What does that have to do with energy? People are in the go mode and absolutely nothing is going to stop them, particularly price or savings depletion. And you know that bigger new car is one where you can aggressively drive…and dominate. Yawl remember I was in the insurance policy selling business. I know people well. Vaction time! Covid spring coiled! Supply…maybe not so loaded.

Iffin’ you are a year out focused. Start drinking maybe.

Tongue-in-cheek of course.


chompin, your other morning rant, the one over “there”, was mean (but without reading your posts on our board and to get an idea about your opinions “they” won’t be able to recognize that :slight_smile:

Btw: My gains yesterday were immensely larger than theirs. No, I have no BABA stock since I am not willing to support the Chinese regime by injecting money in their system. But I do have Alibaba+Baidu calls (and hope I am not mistaken by thinking dealing with options is no support; if I am wrong please somebody tell me). I could hardly believe seeing them yesterday 110% to 160% up, with the last ones bought just the day before.