Debunkifying Shopify Myths

(Hey if shortify is a word, so is debunkfy. It’s in the rules, look it up.)

Myth #34: Shopify if for Mom & Pop online stores and include mostly stores that are too small for Amazon.

Fact: Shopify will now host an entire channel for Ebay.

Fact: Shopify Plus gained new Mom & Pop clients Visa, Frito-Lay, Jones New York, BuzzFeed, Elvis Presley, Canadian Tire and The New York Times.

Myth #17: You can’t buy Cheetos at Shopify.
Myth #81: You can’t apply for a Visa card at Shopify.

Fact: Okay, both “myths” were true, but no longer. See Line 3 above. :slight_smile:

Myth #111: RaptorD is crazy to have such a big position in Shopify.

Fact: Myth 111 is not a myth and apparently remains a true statement as has been has been verified by RaptorD’s accounting firm iSteelitAll, and should be renamed Fact #111. According to RaptorD’s press secretary, Lies ALot, this is unlikely to change in the near future.

Investing friends, If you haven’t seen a Shopify store, (or don’t know that you have) please do yourself a favor. Go to Shopify and look through some of their “story” or “testimonial” stores. They are some of the most interesting, eye-catching and just plain professional, good-looking sites in e-commerce. When done there, look at some of the “apps” available to all store owners. These aren’t the junky apps available as trinkets for Windows 10, Shopify shoppers. No, these apps are true solutions and do some serious work with very little setup time involved that other sites would surely charge small fortunes for if owned by someone else. Can you imagine if they were owned by, say, Intuit (Quicken, Quickbooks, etc.)? They would be priced at $299 and up for each app.

Related Bonus Myth: Myth #86: Elvis is dead.

Fact: What the hell?! Unknown. (Elvis has reportedly opened at least one new store at Shopify.) Don’t know what he sells at this store, or if he gives concerts, but I doubt they are selling buckets of fried chicken.…
For real, See last lines in paragraph 4: Companies that launched stores on Shopify this quarter include Visa, Frito-Lay, Jones New York, BuzzFeed, Elvis Presley, Canadian Tire and The New York Times.

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Dan… I know the doctor that ran Elvis’ code at the hospital in Memphis to which he was taken. I can assuredly tell you, he is dead…


and yes, I knew you were kidding…



I can assuredly tell you, he is dead…

Darn it. I do love a good conspiracy theory. :slight_smile: