Deleted Google Doc or Sheet

Hi, when you delete a Google Doc or Sheet, it says something like “are you sure, it can’t be undone”, that is not correct. So if you deleted something by accident and you want it back, you can get it back if it hasn’t been more than 25 days.
Go to: Find or recover a file - Computer - Google Drive Help
I accidentally deleted two files that were the work of a few years and was devastated! It said I couldn’t get them back. But I decided to look up how to do so anyway and found the above link. And I got my files back!
Just wanted to let people know that the statement about not being able to recover files is a lie!


Good to know- thx for info

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Good to know. But, at least for me, the files will remain in the trash area for 30 days, not 25:

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They don’t always go to the trash, in my experience. That is the problem. Sometimes they delete permanently. I don’t know why.
I deleted some files the other day and my trash is empty!

Well, that’s annoying!