Derm tech

Just throwing this out there I know Derm tech has been discussed a few times on this board. I was watching the today show this morning and they were talking about people putting off doctors visits and doing virtual visits. There was a woman on there that had a virtual visit for a spot on her face her dermatologist said it did not look like anything bad. She finally went in after and found out it had to be removed because it was cancerous. She was fortunate because they said if she would’ve waited any longer it would have been a more invasive surgery. I was just thinking about Derm Tech and if she would’ve used that in her home the results would have been in early and it would have been a very easy procedure. She is going to have a pretty good scar on her face because she waited, by the way the person that had the spot removed is a doctor herself.


So about 20 years ago I went to a very well established dermatologist in Palo Alto, CA. I had a spot on my face that needed to be checked out. The young dermatologist a year out of Stanford told me it was nothing to worry about. A year later it hadn’t gone away, and actually seemed to get worse.

This time I went back and met with the main dermatologist that actually owned the center. He did a biopsy and indeed it was cancer, basal cell carcinoma. Twenty stitches later and a three inch scar on my right cheek.

So yea this can happen in person to person check ups as well. Rare, but it happens.

The news media reports a case and somehow we think we should ditch the entire idea. Telehealth is here to stay. It’s very efficient, convenient, saves time, money, less traffic on the street, less pollution from that saved car trip. It works.



Not saying telehealth is not here to stay but Derm tech has a test you can do at home and send out to get results.