Dig Into List

I’ve been keeping a short list of companies I want to dig into more for a couple months now. I am sure many of you are familiar with some of these names so I wanted to bring them to the board to see if anyone has any insights or comments.

Here’s some brief facts:

1. Atlassian (TEAM)

  • Australian based provider of enterprise software.
  • Spends a lot of R&D rather than S&M. Moat may be simply making superior products.
  • Their main product is JIRA, a collaboration tool amongst software developers.

2. GrubHub (GRUB)

  • Company behind food delivery, heavy competition.
  • Had an incredible latest quarter though.

3. CarGurus (CARG)

  • Marketplace for used cars.
  • Super high gross margin.

4. Autohome (ATHM)

  • Chinese based marketplace for used cars.
  • Much bigger than BitAuto, a company that has been brought to this board before.