Discord Brings Back Old School Msg. Boards

Techradar headline: Discord brings back old-school message boards to help organize messy channels

By Cesar Cadenas published about 2 hours ago
The new Forum Channels are currently rolling out in a new update


What was old is now new again: social messaging platform Discord is adding a feature very similar to classic internet forums; the aptly named Forum Channels.

Discord functions as a free range chat room; people enter a channel to talk about whatever they want with some moderation involved to keep things on topic. But the tricky thing about this style of chatting is it can be pretty tough to hop into a conservation because you have no idea where to start. The feed wizzes by you in a disorganized mess.

Now with Forum Channels(opens in new tab), Discord is trying to reign in that clutter by providing specialized channels about a specific topic. The feature appears as a list of large, box posts that have a bolded title for its topic. Click on one and you will be taken to that chat room where the comments are posted in a chronological order. Anybody can create these rooms, but only server administrators can create the Forum Channels themselves.