Do You Have An Update List of Picks?

Saul, I’d like to chart all of your current picks. Where might that list be found?

Yo Rocko!…


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Hi Rocko, I give a summary also at the end of each month. Here’s the most recent, from the end of April:…

There’ll be a new one at the end of May. I’d strongly urge you not to try to just copy me though, as I may exit a position during the month, add one or more, or add to one I already have. Use the methods described in the FAQ to pick your own. If you just follow me, and don’t learn how to do it yourself, how will you get by if I’m not around?

Have fun investing,


Rocko, I mentioned the FAQ to you but I forgot to tell you where it is. It’s post #7972 currently, and it gets updated each month by Neil, who has done an amazing job on it.