DOCS - a thread about DOCS

Ok, so I haven’t ever really looked at this.
EBITDA and FCF positive, and CEO claims only 3% into their TAM.

Currently getting a beatdown.
I do note that forward guidance is only for 33% growth. So this may be more akin to VEEV or CRM than a hyper-growth stud like DDOG. But that is ok if priced correctly.

I have put it on the watchlist.
Curious as to what others think?

Here is recent ER CC transcript:…


my gut / napkin math says they should be a bit closer to $20 than $30, given the slower growth.
High GM / profitability are plusses though.

Their forward P/S is still above 10 right now. Which isn’t normally bad, but in current environment, I think we want it closer to 8.

So, yeah, I think closer to low $20s and I am really interested.


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