Anybody has any views on Docusign?

Currently, the leader in e signatures, a space projected to grow by 34% CAGR over next 5 years.

Adobe is a competitor along with a few other companies.

Any thoughts on ‘moat’, competitive position and growth prospects will be appreciated.

Thank you!

My stock broker chose to use HelloSign.

A DocuSign thread at NPI:

DocuSign…a Brief Brief

Denny Schlesinger


Thank you Denny!

I have been looking at it and a number of companies outside our usual group of suspects. Its growing on me based on a couple of factors:

  1. The growth is excellent. Not our SaaS rockets excellent but pretty dang good. The last three reports featured rev growth of: 36.6%; 33.1% and 37.3%, respectively. Latest announcement and Conf Call Transcript here:……

  1. The TAM seems to adequate.

  2. During the last Conf Call they raised guidance.

  3. There may be enough business and room for more than one dominant player.

  4. First mover advantage.

Issues that I am thinking about:

  1. Cant see much of a moat.

  2. They face some potential deep pocket competition

  3. During the correction they dropped more than our average group and have recovered more slowly.
    They remain about 40% below their 52 WK high. P/S is around 10.