Does anybody know about Robert Eachus?

Has anybody heard anything from Robert Eachus? I could find nothing online but I note his absence of late.

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At least he’s still posting on The Fool. His last post was only 3 weeks ago: ...and he got the Nobel Prize in Economics? - #82 by eachus


Are you sure you’re not thinking of Robert Engle?

No, but you might be. :slightly_smiling_face: Engle was indeed an economist, but the author of the post I linked to is our very own Robert I. Eachus.

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Google and the Nobel Prize organization do not list Robert Eachus as a Nobel winner. Anybody can post anything on the internet and not be accurate. Anybody can misinterpret what they read on the internet and not want to be corrected. My search of your link for Nobel finds two references to Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman and none to eachus. I am 100% certain that if eachus had won a Nobel Prize, that The Motley Fool would be touting it as the kind of quality TMF poster bring. I suggest you reread your link to verify your source. If you have a link to a specific reference of eachus winning the Nobel Prize (not one to Krugman) I would be happy to read it, but I could not find one on my own.

I think you need to reread the post you are talking about.
Eachus made post on a thread about Paul Krugman (Nobel prize winner) that was titled “and he got the Nobel Prize in Economics?”


Yeah. The post I linked to was posted by the same eachus that posts on the AMD board, as his posting history will attest. The content of the post I linked to is irrelevant to this discussion.

You wrote:

" At least he’s still posting on The Fool. His last post was only 3 weeks ago: …and he got the Nobel Prize in Economics? "

The only person mentioned in your post is eachus. Thus, by the rules of grammar, the pronoun “he” refers to eachus. You are forcing us to read another irrelevant post to understand that eachus was referring to Paul Krugman. When I’m reposting for clarity, I use this format:

eachus was on TMF three weeks ago. He posted:


I try to disambiguate between nouns and pronouns by always putting a URL on its own line. Maybe I’d have caught this as eachus’s title a few years ago, but I’m suffering some cognitive issues lately because of insufficient sleep from cramps. I apologize for my misunderstanding. The first time I tried to reply today I didn’t get what you and mschmit were saying. After a second cramp free nap, I feel much better. Dialysis sucks.

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I feel for him, dialysis patients are always tired. I’m sure he is getting up there in age and that adds a confusion factor which he already deals with from dialysis too. Praying for him…doc

All right. It is indeed unfortunate that the title of the post from eachus that I linked to is “…and he got the Nobel Prize in Economics?”, but I honestly wasn’t thinking at all about making a perfectly clear grammatical sentence. This is digital media after all, and the confusing title of the post is at least highlighted as a link, and I preceded it by a colon. Any initial confusion should have been resolved by clicking the link and seeing that the author of the post (whose content was not even meant to be relevant, and isn’t) was the eachus you were asking about.

So, eachus is apparently alive and well (as of three weeks ago) and for whatever reason just doesn’t post as much here as he used to on the old TMF AMD board.

Anyway, sorry for your medical issues. I have my own to deal with on a daily basis so I feel your pain.

I’m still on the good side of 70. My problem is cramps, pretty much every night. Last night I only had one bout, interrupting my sleep for less than an hour, plus a good crampless nap yesterday, so I’m feeling okay right now. The cramping should go away when I get a new kidney, and that could be any day now as I’m on the list. My last meeting at UCLA cleared me for transplants and I should get one this year, either from a donor who has signed up (but needs to resolve a couple of medical issues before being eligible to donate) or from the list.

My other problem is I’ll likely need retina surgery and my vision is deteriorating. My other other problem is arthritis, so I’m using more voice to text to compensate but holding books to read is difficult.

But thanks in large part to investing in AMD our retirement is comfortable and I look forward to traveling and general physical improvement once I get my new kidney.

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I’m still here, just busy sorting out a move from NH to Texas. Or maybe you are asking about Robert Thomas Eachus, who I think met Roleplayer in Alaska. RTE is still working for the same company, but it is headquartered in Texas. The big complication of the move was getting his son, Robert Evan Eachus started in school down here. He (RAE) is n school down here and doing much better separated from his stepbrother and stepfather. Oh, RTE (and RTE aunt) and RTE’s sister, Pamela Eachus is currently working in London for Marsh * McLennan.

The currently four of us seem to have a part of our brain that does math. (And during school, we all had problems, not just the dyslexia but that we could stall out on a math problem, and keep cranking away. One day my geometry teached decided to see how far she could push me. She copied a problem that could be solved by trigonometry, but had no known proof using just geometry. Bell rang, I rushed out of class, came back after classes were over. And cranked some more. The teacher askked if I had turned in my test. Oops! Turned the paper over put my name on it, and said there’s this lemma that looks simple for that last problem. I can easily prove it using trig. She handed me the journal paper–which described the same lemma that kept it from being proved in plane geometry.

I had to find the right math department Actually, the School of Management) to get a degree–well the undergrad degree was from a program run by NY State Dept. of Education, and I was almost through my M.A. in Economics when I received my undergraduate degree. My father had the same sort of problem, but, he, my brother and three sisters all ended up with college degrees. My son found his own path, into the Army with a GED, and the equivalent of a BS in Computer Science, except that’s not the sort of credential the Army hands out. Besides the work he was doing at first was classified TS. (I was at MITRE and working in the same area. :wink: My father and I were the only two to get graduate degrees. I thought Alison was going to get a doctorate in PE, but she won a City Championship in basketball instead.

I have a few papers I would like to publish but all but one are classified.


I have never been in Alaska. I think you and I have been at some Bridge Nationals at the same time but I’m not sure we ever met IRL/ I was also at the Artemis launch last November thanks to my NASA Lead Scientist friend Eric Christian, but again thousands of people were there and it was mostly in the dark and spread over a huge area. Glad to hear you’re still Fooling around.

What part of Texas are you in if you don’t mind me asking. I am up in the panhandle but get down to Houston/Conroe all the time.
We miss you insightful posts on AMD also. Glad to see you are still posting by the way…doc

Brooksmith, Texas (part of Brownwood according to the post office). If you are looking on a map Brownwood is adjacent to Early TX.

Brookesmith TX, I see it. I’m up in Lubbock but drive thru Abilene all the time going to Houston area…doc