Does $LC's Q4 portend anything for $UPST?

Lending Club announced their Q4 earnings this past week and while the results for the quarter were decent, guidance wasn’t great, especially from a net income perspective.

Historically, $LC’s quarterly revenue results on a QoQ basis have been pretty directional for $UPST’s QoQ revenue.

LC 39.40%
UPST 39.94%

LC 93.19%
UPST 59.83%

LC 20.45%
UPST 17.79%

While Upstart is definitely moving in a different direction with Auto Loans, but it’s still a small part of the pie. Upstart’s Q4 guidance was a lot stronger than Lending Club’s Q4 and historically they’ve been good at hitting their revenue guidance, but is there any reason to believe that LC’s earnings results will again be correlated to Upstart’s Q4 results?