Does Size really matter?

The future of “The Dark Continent” has always interested me.
With the highest population growth rate on the planet, the next 100 yrs should be interesting.
In 2050, a mere 28 yrs away, the population of several cities in Africa are estimated at 30M to 40 M comparable to our largest states!

The attached links show how large Africa is relative to other countries and how small the GDP is relative to many much smaller countries.i.e. the entire African continent GDP comparable to Canada!…

…now back to Berkshire …


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size really does matter :wink:

If you take the currency power, and just use Purchasing power, many western nations GDP will be lot lower. Many of them also have serious debt issues, especially Europe.

Europe’s banks and their economy is going face considerable shock when they mark-to-market their negative yield book, imagine they have to mark-to-market 3%, 4%. I think Europe will go under Atlantic.

Nah. Execution matters. At some level size impedes performance, ask WEB if you doubt me. :slight_smile: