Don't bet against innovation.

X-post at NPI 8/20/2001.

Great posts are immortal. XaosSurfer, Paul Philp, was one of the best and most prolific posters at NPI two decades ago. A big thanks to Fool darrellquock for bringing it back!


10 Lessons Learned from the Internet boom and bust.

1) Don’t bet against innovation.
2) The market is always right.
3) Dogma stops thinking.
4) Over the long term CAP wins. [Competitive Advantage Period]
5) Understand your learning risk.
6) Industrial economics matter more than macroeconomics.
7) Master your discipline AND extend your toolkit.
8) Understand your investing strategy and financial goals.
9) Disruptive technology is still the largest wealth creating force.
10) The Web is an early Internet application but NOT the last Internet application.…

Denny Schlesinger