Dopey is still going after Mickey

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So it is ok to give stock to management but free passes and discounts for employees is not ok? Somebody is opening up a big can of worms in Florida that might not be good for any of the business’s there.



It is a problem when dumb gets emboldened…but that has been very true since 1981 so why beeach now?

I figured the IRS would determine how such things should be handled by making them taxable or not to the employee

As far as what Disney doles out, hopefully it is never at the expense of the customer. My wife enjoys very good discounts to fly when seats are available due to her position as a flight attendant. I receive a similar discount as well if she books for me even if I don’t fly with her. But we always have lowest priority to a full paying customer so it also means being bumped from flights that get fully booked. If I have to be somewhere the following day like work, I pay full price for my ticket

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This isn’t Disney, it is the former Reedy Creek Improvement District employees who got the annual passes. Remember that this district is separate from Disney.

Disney employees get free admission for themselves (subject to availability). This perk of annual passes provides a similar benefit to the district employees.

The district paid Disney for the passes. Now the district is going to give their employees money instead. But the money won’t be enough for the employees to buy a pass for themselves.

So Disney technically gets less money by some amount that is imperceptible to them. The district saves a bit of money. The employees are a mixed bag. Those who rarely or never used their pass might actually prefer the cash. Those who regularly used their passes are worse off, as they aren’t getting enough to buy a pass themselves.