Dowd for Senate Ad is Anti-Musk/Anti-FSD

This is an interesting political ad. This man, Dan O Dowd, is running for US Senate in CA and has just focused on the stock pumps by Elon Musk about Robotaxis and FSD which have not come true, and how much money Musk has cashed out of $TSLA shares while making those claims.

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This Dan O Dowd character reminds me about a story about Uncle Joe Stalin…

Joseph Stalin wanted to invade Poland. Someone commented, “The Vatican is not going to like it!” Stalin asked, “How many divisions does The Vatican have?” “Comrade Stalin, The Vatican has no divisions.” “Invade Poland!”

How many rockets has Dan O Dowd launched?

How many EVs has Dan O Dowd produced?

How many Starlink satellites has Dan O Dowd in orbit?

Ignore political noise!

Pay attention when Dan O Dowd approaches Jeff Bezos’ billions… Not quite Musk but respectable!

Denny Schlesinger

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Denny, pay attention Musk’s bogus claims and fraud. Here’s a thread an author @Tweetermeyer whose first tweet just lassoed me to read the entire thing. Billionaire’s without consciences and who don’t care about the means, as long as the end enriches them, are a dime a dozen. See Putin and all his oligarchs in the same Soviet Russia who thought he could steamroll through Ukraine and take Kyiv in 48-hours.

In 2015 I decided on a whim to check out Tesla’s battery swap station that was earning the company 9 figures in California ZEV credits, and found it wasn’t real. Instead Tesla was using diesel generators to charge cars. Here’s how this changed my life :thread:
10:31 AM · May 20, 2022·Twitter Web App

Denny, pay attention Musk’s bogus claims and fraud.

Don’t ever again tell me what to do.

Denny Schlesinger

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