Dr Aseem Malhotra on the corruption of medicine by Big Pharma

Dr Aseem is a British cardiologist


The Captain


In Fox Noise’s tradition of guilt by association, who would believe anything anyone that Carlson promotes says?



Didn’t watch the video, neither have the desire nor time. So a simple comment from a former insider - medicine is a business just like any other business.


Aseem Malhotra isn’t exactly a cardiologist. Sure, he did post-graduate training in the field but actually makes his name (and probably his money) promoting the idea that “they” are in the pocket of Big Pharma, Big Device, The Elites, Big Food etc.etc…and everyone who’s conspiring to keep us sick.

Ooops, nearly forgot about his take on Covid and related vaccines. No prizes for guessing where he lies


Aseem Malhotra first drifted across my radar screen almost a decade ago…when he was still a resident and trying to make his name in the statin denialist arena. Via this opinion piece, as it happened…

Reading through the rapid responses, there more than a handful of responders who pointed out his erroneous conclusions/misunderstanding of published data. More importantly that he had quoted publications that were either revised or retracted. There was a bit of debate about whether this article should remain in print, if I recall correctly, but it remained because it was an opinion piece and not a study … therefore was neither subject to editorial review pre-publication or any of the usual sanctions after the fact.