Dr. Eric Topol: It’s Crickets

Eric Topol, founder and director of the Scripps Research, wrote an OpEd in the LA times to bring attention to the new variant of Covid-19.

…By wastewater levels, JN.1 is now associated with the second-biggest wave of infections in the United States in the pandemic

…the very high wastewater levels of the virus indicate about 2 million Americans are getting infected each day.

…the booster provided protection from hospitalization in the range of about 60% against JN.1 and other recently circulating variants.
…Nevertheless, only 19% of eligible Americans have gotten the updated booster
Of note: Long Covid is a threat to millions of people and there is no effective treatment according to Topol.

…It’s crickets from the White House on COVID now, with no messaging on getting the updated booster or masking. The Biden administration has done far too little to accelerate research on effective treatments for long COVID.

It should be noted that Dr. Eric Topol is a practicing cardiologist. He works with staff in the ICU all his life, and he knows the frustration last time around when healthcare workers took care of thousands of patients and the families of those who were dying while all the time they refused vaccinations. There are hundreds of ICU staff that left their practice when faced with unprecedented numbers of un-vaccinated admission to their unit.