"Dr. Strange"

“Strange” has apparently grossed $450 million worldwide, an excellent number for the SARS-CoV-2 era.


The above analysis mentions that the domestic take of $185 million reported by Disney may go higher to $190 million+. We’ll see what happens, but still, great take.

One thing I’ve noticed recently - maybe it’s just me and this has been done for a very long time now – is that there has been more news about actual tickets sold. “Spider-Man” had 20.6 million tickets sold versus 13.5 million (for the first weekends) according to the article. Of course, number of tickets sold might not mean much except as we compare grosses historically, but maybe they will mean a little more because I have been reading (as this article states as well) about the practice of charging more for blockbusters. I would hope as an investor this practice can continue successfully for the DIS tentpoles. “Strange” had a bit of a premium attached in some markets, and although the author justified this by mentioning the SARS closures of theaters (i.e., the exhibitors are just catching up on lost revenue), I think even without closures, it probably was time to take a look at ticket prices for different kinds of films, as this has been a topic even beyond the last couple years.

Hope “Strange” stuff is selling well at retailers…

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I’ve always thought tickets sold is a better metric for interest in a title because box office does not delineate how much revenue goes to the studio or the theaters. As well, I do not pay for movies directly anymore - I have an AMC subscription, so when I “buy” a ticket, I actually pay $0, instead, paying a fixed monthly fee for up to 3 movies a week. In practicality, I go to 2-3 movies a month, mostly in the more expensive Dolby theater, so the subscription costs me less than the actual price of individual tickets. What the theater actually pays the studio for these tickets, I don’t know.

Who noted on the Disney Premium Board that Dr. Strange merchandise is not as big a seller as Spider-Man merch, but he did bring his Eye of Agamotto to wear on the Disney Fantasy in case they premiered the movie, which they did and he did…

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