This is company I am long with a small position. Some of the parameters that Saul looks for are beginning to turn +ve now.

  • razor and blade model
  • adoption doubling in the last quarter
  • huge market for monitoring blood sugar in diabetic patients

I thought I will bring it up and find out what people think of this. Please note that this is a really small company and is just starting to expand in US.

BOSTON, Oct. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – DarioHealth Corp. (NASDAQ:DRIO), a leader in digital health and mobile health solutions and the developer of the Dario™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System, an all-in-one diabetes meter, today announced continued adoption for its revolutionary mobile app-based and minimally invasive smart diabetes management solution. In just six months since its U.S. launch, Dario is demonstrating positive trends in terms of meters purchased in the U.S.

– More than 10,000 Dario all-in-one smart glucose meter devices were
purchased by U.S. customers by Sep. 30, 2016, of which more than 5,500
were purchased in the third quarter, doubling its market presence by the
end of the third quarter.

– At September end, the Company had more than 10,900 users registered on
its servers, more than doubling its June 30 registered users, of these
users more than 10,000 have ordered strips.

– About 65% of the total strips sold since launch, were purchased by users
under our subscription plan contributing to the recurring revenue model.

“We are very pleased with the initial six months since our March 2016 soft launch in the U.S.,” said Erez Raphael, DarioHealth’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “The favorable moves in our conversion and usage trends demonstrate the positive engagement we are achieving with Dario users. Our digital marketing team continues to refine our messaging and delivery with a goal of making our customer acquisition as efficient as possible. Our user engagement team continues to make strides in successfully converting a higher percentage of users to recurring revenue users for our strips, we anticipates consistent quarter over quarter revenue growth for foreseeable future.”


Looking at a 3-year chart, did they really fall from $270 to $3.45?

According to Yahoo Finance, they are losing money so no P/E and no PEG.