Drive Letters Changed

I’ve encountered a weird deal on my desktop. I have a memory card that I permanently leave installed in G: drive. I use this drive for weekly backups of documents, amateur radio logs, golf handicaps, and Quicken files. I use Synctoy in a batch file for backups on Monday night. On Saturday mornings I also use Synctoy to manually backup to G: drive.

On E: drive I manually use a thumb drive to backup Quicken and the Amateur Radio logs. It’s kind of like belt and suspenders (a redundant backup).

Anyway this weekend for some reason those drive letters got switched. In other words G: drive is now the USB drive (thumb drive) and E: drive is now the memory card drive.

I checked on Google and it said this sometimes happens when you use a thumb drive a lot. I’ve been doing this weekly for over 5 years (maybe even 10 years) and this is the first time it’s happened.

Any way to permanently rename them and prevent this from happening again?



I found this article, but have not tested any of it.…

READ THE COMMENTS. But don’t stop at the first few negative comments, read on down. Assigning letters near the end of the alphabet for these unchanging drives seems to be the key.

Again, I have not tried it, but I think it is promising.

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Any way to permanently rename them and prevent this from happening again?

I know exactly how to do that… in Linux.

In Windows, I think it’s in the storage manager, it’s possible to assign a disk partition a folder name rather than a drive letter. That might be worth looking at for you. I’d want to double check the unmounting of a partition. It’s been a long time since I’ve dived that deep into Windows.

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Hi Golfer,

Any time you remove a USB drive, Windows assumes that former drive letter is available for re-use, and can assign that letter to any drive it wants, because it can.* :slight_smile:

  • To keep the same letter semi-permanently, as someone mentioned, try a letter beyond “F”, the further the better, such as …

Radio Log: “R”
Memory Stick: “M”

Also, If you insert a new drive, you can always change the designation to any letter you want by right-clicking in File Explorer, then “Rename.”

I have drives labeled as follows and they never changed except in the past sometimes when I removed and reinstalled the SSD drive for some reason. Since I changed it to a later letter, none of them have changed–2 years +.

C: Windows
D: DVD drive 1
F: DVD drive 2
P: Programs
M: [my surname initial–all “my” data]
S: SSD drive (backup)
T: Tunes
V: Video Capture
W: Video Edit
X: Video Complete