Drop Box Question

Am using Ventura on a new MBPro - during the restore process Dropbox came over too. Do I really need DropBox - I have Time Machine for backups…would like some opinions re. the use of DropBox. TIA

I added DropBox ages ago as the file holder for the genealogy program Reunion. I’ve stuck some other things in there, too, but the main use I have is Reunion’s database file…

Looking at my sidebar, I also have Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Apple’s iCloud Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive, so lots of cloud spaces, none used as backups other than the genealogy info, as I have an external enclosure for multiple clones of my main drive as well as Time Machine. the App Photos uses iCloud, so sort of a backup, but I don’t have all my photos in the App, I’d have to boost the space if I did… My Logitech Doorbell camera uses iCloud for recordings, so I do have it bumped up a bit…

More space than I need in some ways, but none take any space on my Mac Mini’s SSD or the clones, just the access info…

Enjoy the space!

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Got DropBox back when it was a great deal to have 2GB of free cloud storage. Finally dropped it along with One Drive. I am all in on Apple - unless Apple does not have it. e.g Quicken. The only exception is Office365 – I tried the Apple suite - used it exclusively for a year. Kind of think I learned what hell was like.


I don’t think. Dropbox is doing anything for me, except confusing and annoying me. Will get rid of it on both our new computer s. I still have One Drive, Time Machine, and CCC. Had to get rid of SuperDuper too- guess it couldn’t keep up with all the changes etc…I do have the cheapo Office suite , sufficient for my purposes .

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Dropbox is great for sharing large files, photos and the like with family and friends.
I belong to a club that has a monthly newsletter and the editor sends a link to the members which allow them to access the latest newsletter from his Dropbox account. The link is specific to the file in question and only that file. In this case the PDF file opens in my browser and I then have the option of downloading it. The last newsletter was 18MB. Just try to email that size file to multiple recipients. It’ll choke every time.