Dry bulk in Q3

So what happens with dry bulk in Q3 2022?
a. Some dependency on China: Do steel production cuts continue, or will China offer a stimulus package?

b. On the grain side, what happens in the dark?
What happens when individual ships turn off their Automated Identification Signal (AIS)–

c. Those Greek spin-off “games”.
Within the last 8-9 months, there was Imperial Petroleum (IMPP) with a three vessel spin-off from Stealth Gas (GASS), and, OceanPal (OP) as a three vessel spin-off from Diana Shipping (DSX). Newest Greek entity to try their hand is Seanergy Maritime (SHIP), which created a single vessel entity, United Maritime (USEA), that started trading on 7/6/22. Like the other two entities (IMPP and OP), the Greek owners hold preferred share that give them control, and avoid the dilution that occurs in the common shares. The SHIP “tweak” on the “game” is to start with a small number of shares - 1.5M shares distributed to existing SHIP shareholders. Today (7/7), 41.1M USEA shares traded hands, with a huge price bounce


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