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Currently no MF recommendations for DT but Dynatrace is around the same market cap size as AYX, HUBS, ZS, & WIX and just put up a solid third quarter report.

Dynatrace’s total third-quarter sales were up roughly 25% year over year, driven by strong growth for its subscription and services segment – which climbed 36% year over year to reach $139.4 million. Annualized recurring revenue came in at $534.5 million, up 44% year over year. Dynatrace ended the quarter with 2,208 enterprise customers, up 380 on a sequential basis.

It’s up 4% in Feb, after being up 23% in Jan and since an August IPO up 37%. I’ve added this to my watch list.



Is anybody else watching this, Dynatrace? I can’t figure out why it’s flying under the radar. No MF service recs and no discussion of it, but is crushing it recently. The quietness has me confused…but my gut says it’s time to jump on board the DT train?! Earnings up 400%. Annual recurring revenue up 44%. Up 92% YOY on umber of customers. Subscription revenue up 36%. What am I missing? It’s competitors are Cisco and New Relic (which is a MF Rec). Don’t think I can keep sitting on the sidelines…but wish there was more info about it on the boards.


The balance sheet is a mess, though.

(As at 12/31/2019)
Cash and cash equivalents $188.6M
Goodwill in excess of $1.3B
Long-term debt $540.2M

CEO John Van Siclen owns 1.18% of the company’s shares

No thanks!




Appreciate that link. Where do you go to search for a stock symbol or name on this board?

Google “dynatrace site:discussion.fool.com