DuckDuckGo plugins...

Any consensus? Anyone using it? Benefits?

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Any consensus? Anyone using it? Benefits? - PL

I use DDG almost exclusively (on Firefox). No plug-ins. It does what I need and expect. Not missing out on anything that I know of.


Set your default search engine to DuckDuckGo to get the majority of the benefits of that search engine. The plugin itself largely reports on the privacy practices of each site you load. You can see the “grade” it gives each site and appears to block some tracking mechanisms. The “” site gets a “B+” grade lol. If you care about privacy, ditch Chrome and install Firefox (or Brave if you’re feeling… brave).



How do I ditch Google and install DuckDuckGo?

In Chrome click the three vertical dots in the upper right of the window, select Settings, select Search Engine on the left and then choose DDG from the dropdown menu


If Firefox, click on the Menu icon (the three horizontal likes), click on “Settings”, Click on “Search” in the left column to bring up the Search Options page, and under “Default Search Engine” use the pull-down menu to select “Duck Duck Go”.



Thanks for the input guys… starting the process of getting G off my system…

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