Earnings announced

Some of my portfolio reported:

SKX (Sketchers) — Earnings of 72 cents, up 320% from 14 cents a year ago, and up 26% sequentially from 57 cents. Revenues up 37%.

CELG (Celgene) — Earnings of 90 cents, up 18.4% from 76 cents a year ago, and up 8% sequentially from 83.5 cents. Revenues up 18%.

WAB (Wabtec) — Earnings of 91 cents, up 18.2% from 77 cents a year ago, and up 9.6% sequentially from 83 cents. Revenues up 14.6%.

CELG and WAB are slow and steady but reliable growers (WAB, for instance, is the only stock on any US exchange to be up in each and every year of the 13 years of this century). Sketchers is growing like mad, but I don’t know how reliable it will be as fashions change in clothing. They are now the only shoes my wife wears, which is part of why I got interested in them.


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This week 2 of my staff members in our dental practice showed up in Sketchers. They swear they are the most comfortable shows they have found for all day on your feet foot wear. Of course, the other staff members (female) plan to follow suit.

And it doesn’t hurt that the colors are bright and very eye catching.

It is my belief that if women ever stopped buying shoes (and purses) this economy would come to a screeching stop.

For what it’s worth…


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