Education is the key

The biggest differentiator being education. Foreign born have higher % of college, post-graduate degrees and PHD. Many seems to pick up additional education during their working career like engineers gaining degrees in additional discipline or MBA.

Why native born are slacking in education is a mystery.

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Another way of saying American youth are lazy and that continues to get worse. Affluence means they don’t have to work. They can continue to live with parents.

Why take difficult courses where you have to study. Basket weaving gives opportunity to party.

Meanwhile foreign born students are disciplined and have learned to work to get here. No surprise they are better achievers.


In US, it is a stigma that adult kids live with their parents. In most other cultures like Asian cultures or Africa, Arab, where the family bond is strong and typically kids live with their parents until they get married. So, living with parents is not bad.

In fact, the frontal lobe development continues and matures until 25, this allows weighing pros and cons of the choices you make. So, staying with parents during this time means saving any money you make, and learning from your parents.

Lot of “usual suspects” don’t really measure up. I think it will be beneficial to the society to study this. I have seen reports of Japanese kids don’t want to get married or even not much interested in sex. There has to be some major factors driving this and not being aware of them is not a benefit to respective societies.

I question this too. We all know parents who make over $200K and choose to prioritize vacations, fancy cars over paying for their kids college. I know this girl in my son’s high school, their parents got her a BMW, sent her to Cancun for spring break, etc. yet that kid was left to take loan for her college tuition. Her father called me “cheap, not fostering self-respect” for giving my son my 20+ year old Accord, instead of buying him a new car in high school. He said, his daughter is a grown-a$s person and she should pay for her college. This is not some isolated person.

If you see 60% of kids take loans for college, 80%+ blacks and 40% are Asians. This is not about race, or income inequality etc. In my opinion, it is a cultural thing.

We should not stigmatize kids staying with their parents until they complete their education, and have few years of work experience. Don’t pressure them to grow faster, get out of house and face the world alone. You brought them into this world and you have a lifetime responsibility.

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Yes, in the good old days even in the US, daughters were “at home” until they married.

In Japan families usually live together. Oldest son inherits and takes care of the rest. And they have life time mortgages to afford it. Does oldest son have to buy the others shares? Or does he merely take care of them? And what happens if he fails financially?

We are also aware that Chinese have high expectations for their children and will take extraordinary steps to get them into good schools. Education is highly prized. Tutoring sessions after hours to better scores on entrance exams are common. Very competitive. Hard work expected.

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Something seems to be off with the chart. I get that it was constructed so that there would be a common starting point - but then there is not a common starting point when one uses actual numbers and not simply a change from one year to the next.

So, even while foreign born may indeed have had an increase in employment over then measured period, foreign born are not 2/3rds of the workforce as the graph would suggest. Foreign born represent about 18% of the workforce as of last year (which is a record).

This is perhaps a better representation:,U.S.%20Bureau%20of%20Labor%20Statistics

It really appears to be more of a post-covid bounce.

Please see the note on how the chart is constructed. There are two axes.

I got that.

But what I did not get is that the numbers on the left and right are different. Had to put on my glasses to see that.

Sucks to get old.

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They say the alternative is worse!

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I generally keep my browser at 150%. Just to be easy on my eyes. My doctor says you don’t have to do that, you are wearing glasses now… but…