Elastic Computing- Coming to a Business Near You


My career has been in Computer Science (I’m 55). I own a medium sized (140 employees) Computer Engineering business. I’m convinced that I’ve now viewed the end game of what I provide as a product to the market.

Elastic Computing (see Amazon’s version of this above) is the future of providing computing resources and system expertise. We’re using it ourselves. It’s basically an improvement upon and an extension of cloud services.

My goal is now to understand how to leverage this as a business and an investment.

The future is now… :slight_smile:



The commoditization of computing infrastructure is now here and it’s pricing is even more flexible than that of electricity or water. The trick for you will be to leverage this infrastructure to provide some added value services that aren’t so easily commoditized. What’s great, with EC2, is that you can experiment a lot without having to buy a lot of stuff up-front to start your business. What a great time we live in!